Obviously, we think wakeboarding is one of the most awesome things you can do on the water. It’s so awesome in fact, that it’s been shortlisted for inclusion in the 2020 olympics! Whoop! So what makes wakeboarding so awesome? Last time we checked, the definition of ‘awesome’ was described as “being towed behind a powerboat at speeds ranging from 18-25 mph with your feet strapped into a short, rectangular board, with the option of flipping several metres up in the air”! Don’t believe it, Just Ride with us and see!

Teach Me

We totally get why you’d want to get in on one of the most popular sports in the world, so we’ve recruited one of the most passionate wakeboarders on the island to show you the ropes.

We’re fully committed to helping you reach your goals and progress at a safe and steady pace. We will assess your current riding level and develop a customized lesson plan that has your name written all over it. Lesson plans will include theory and video analysis in addition to time on the water.

Tow Me   

You’re dying to get on the water and Just Ride. Fair enough. After a quick safety debrief we’ll have you out on our supercharged ‘Vandall Edition’ Axis A22 for 15 of the best minutes of your life!